2015 March

2014: Where we live matters – Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is currently the Director of Neighbourhood and Community Initiatives. In this role Paul is responsible for developing strategies for aligning investments and activities to better support healthy neighbourhoods. His talk highlights, showcases and inspires with stories of how local Hamiltonians are working individually and together to build a better city for all.

2014: You are the art – Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is an Award-Winning Artist and Visionary Guide, known as the Soul Art Shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art Studio, a business devoted to inspiring people to create their life as art. Laura’s art and insights inspire audiences around the world with her global events like International Soul Art Day and the Global Vision Quest. Her talk challenges people to look at their own life as if it is living breathing art. Through offering creative insights and rituals to elevate the individual perspective to a new vantage point, she hopes to enable the audience to harness the power of inspiration to fuel new ideas for our local and global community.

2014: Triple Ironman for Haiti – Gord Pauls

Gord Pauls is an accomplished runner and triathlete. He is also a respected, personable and inspirational leader in the Hamilton running community. In 2010 he became “Canada’s Triple Ironman” (that’s back to back to back Ironman) raising $257,000, for a micro-credit initiative in Haiti. His talk focuses on his experiences in training for the Triple Ironman, as well as the motivation and drive to succeed to benefit others.

2014: The Roundabout Revolution – Phil Rose

Phil Rose (PhD) currently teaches media ecology at York and McMaster Universities. Media ecology studies the interactions between communications media, technology, techniques, and processes, and human thought, feeling, value, and behaviour. He is author of the forthcoming book Roger Waters and Pink Floyd: The Concept Albums, a project published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press for which he extensively interviewed the former creative leader of the classic group. His talk focuses on the humble roundabout, and how this human creation is innovative and boosts local resiliency.

2014: The false narrative of deception – Carys Massarella

Carys Massarella is an attending emergency physician at St.Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton. She is also the lead physician for the Transgender Care Program at Quest Community Health Centre in St. Catharines. Dr Massarella lectures widely on transgender health care and was named one of the World’s 50 Transgender icons by the Huffington Post. Her talk focuses on the false narrative of deception in relation to transgender identity, rights, and equality.

2014: Resiliency Through Code – Kevin Browne

Kevin Browne is a Professor of Computer Science & IT at Mohawk College and a PhD Candidate at McMaster University researching mobile educational software design.

His talk focused on the precarious employment and income inequality that have risen sharply both locally and across the developed world. Though there may be an understandable impression that “there are no middle class jobs anymore” the reality is the tech industry is flourishing. The real problem is a job-skills mismatch that’s preventing laid off workers from transitioning to jobs in the tech industry. HeĀ talks about this problem and solutions, referencing local examples in Hamilton.

Hello Hamilton, Again

Last year we brought back TEDxHamilton after several years of inactivity. We enjoyed a successful event with great speakers and feedback was positive. It felt great to showcase stories from around the city, and share ideas and moments between communities.

We want to build on that momentum, and are happy to announce that TEDx will return to Hamilton in 2015.